After the company responded to his open letter, Neil Young requested that Spotify remove Joe Rogan’s music from its service Spot Followers.  Young posted a letter to Spotify on his website this week, but it has since been taken down. Young demanded that the platform chooses between Rogan’s podcast andContinue Reading


Recently, we’ve heard a lot about Twitter cards, but what precisely are they? Setting it up isn’t easy, you may have heard. To the dismay of marketers who don’t have coding expertise, code is also necessary. Tw Followers may be on your mind right now.  Therefore, my development team mustContinue Reading


Did you know that you are technically a creative entrepreneur if your art is your sole source of income? This is possible for YouTube creators, especially if they monetize on other key platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram. That is precisely what Roberto Blake does. He has more Youtube likesContinue Reading