Oh, the suggestion box. Such a little innocent concept, a simple object. Yet it holds a peculiar power to divide people into two opposing camps. One group will state with vigor that the suggestion box is dead. The other one will claim that the suggestion box is a crucial part of your business’s growth.

So, which one holds true?

Sure, the good old, beaten-up box is obsolete and rarely seen around; however, it does not mean that the concept isn’t working. Quite the contrary. The suggestion box simply changed shape and is currently thriving in the digital world in many different forms: pulse surveys, employee engagement tools, idea collection software, feedback, and so on.

While the name might be different and the looks might have changed, suggestion box is just as useful as it used to be back in the day. And in today’s article, I will cover all the main reasons why you should be using a suggestion box and what is the best approach to make it work.

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Not all change leads to improvement, but to improve anything, you need to bring about change. Usually, that’s easier said than done. Greatly enduring organizations have survived over the years through continuous improvement and incremental innovations.

What does it take to bring about improvements in a systematic and structured way? Besides the right mindset, culture, and capabilities, you need methodologies and tools to fuel and maintain these improvements.

While sometimes disregarded, methodologies provide a solid starting point for continuous improvement. Without a set of shared practices to guide the path, organizations tend to play it by ear, and that’s not something you want for long term success. What’s more, to implement and operate such methodologies, you need the right tools and techniques.

If you want to learn more about some of the best tools out there, what to consider when choosing the right ones, and how to implement them to unlock their full potential, keep on reading. We’ll walk you through a list of tools and best practices that will help you take continuous improvement practices to the next level.

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After a little break, we are back with another The Innovation Room podcast episode.

In today’s chat, Mikel Mangold shares his insights on the power of networks and innovation ecosystems.

Mikel has previously worked to drive innovation for pharma and health companies. He is currently co-leading the EMEA Innovation Ecosystem Strategy at Lab of NGK SPARK PLUG – a business creation and investment hub, with $100 million fund, which is establishing new revenue streams for the company in mobility, utilities and medical.

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Not to sound dramatic, but the Earth is on fire.

NGOs and activists are pushing harder than ever to rescue at least a scrap of untouched forests for the future generations. Governing bodies are scrambling to implement more regulations and laws with an effort to undo decades of environmental damage. On top of that, we are witnessing mental shift in society with more people joining sustainability movements, choosing environmentally friendly products and responsible companies. And for companies, it is becoming obvious that business as usual will not cut it anymore.

In today’s article I will take a better look at what sustainability and sustainable innovation means, how environmental compliance goes hand in hand with it and finally, how several global leaders used this trifecta to fuel innovation, growth, and disruptive change.

Perhaps we can all learn from these examples of how (and why) sustainability and environmental compliance could (and should) be at the forefront of innovation.

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The ever-changing dynamic of customer relationships with brands has transformed the way organizations plan their growth. With the rise of numerous communication platforms and social media channels it seems easy to get feedback and understand customers’ needs and pain points.

But the easy access to information is deceiving.

Gathering and reading feedback doesn’t make it easy to filter the most important and valuable feedback that leads to improved and more innovative products and services.

Research shows that those who lead at customer experience are 32% more likely to create innovative products and services based on customer feedback, and 86% more likely to grow their revenue.

So, in today’s article we’ll explain how to best put to use customer feedback to support innovation. We’ll first explain the less obvious elements of customer feedback that lead to innovation, then list some of the challenges and mistakes typically associated with traditional methods of gathering and managing customer feedback and introduce an alternative way of doing things through transparent feedback.

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Sometimes when you try to remove files you no longer require, you receive the notification “the file cannot be erased,” which is incredibly unpleasant. However, there are sometimes straightforward situations to steer clear of this problem. But there are additional circumstances in which naive users struggle to delete specific files. Continue Reading

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