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Following a shark attack on a lifeguard during a training exercise, two Long Island beaches were closed on Sunday, according to officials. According to officials, the lifeguard was taken urgently to the hospital, where he received stitches, according to CBS New York. According to Suffolk County Executive Steve lifeguard shortsContinue Reading

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What should you pay attention to when you take a dive? Radar gives 6 tips. Tip 1: Only swim at official swimming locations Only enter the water in areas that are officially designated as swimming locations with Lifeguard training. water, the water boards and provinces have assessed these locations asContinue Reading

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Swimming is a very good form of cardio, but unlike running and walking, it is sometimes a little less accessible with Lifeguard Training. After all, you need to find a pool supervised by a lifeguard and master some swimming strokes for a dynamic (and safe) workout. Although swimming takes aContinue Reading

Lifeguard Training

In that country, they had high drowning rates. In their search for strategic solutions, a group of initiators found. Our country, where drowning rates are relatively low. The country where almost every child obtains the same swimming diploma. They were jealous of us. A system such as the Swimming wasContinue Reading

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One of the biggest discussion points in swimming and triathlon is whether you should breathe on both sides with Lifeguard Training. If you do some research on the internet you will find many articles from swimming coaches who explain that you should not put effort into bilateral breathing (breathing onContinue Reading